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Linking Publication

Linking Publication

SR Subject Name Action
1 Major Laws Linking Charts (BUY 3 GET 6) IPC/CrPC/Consti./CPC /Evidence (Set of 6 Charts) @Rs. 599 [Useful for Both English & Hindi Medium] - [ Cost of IPC , CrPC , IEA chart is bearable by Tansukh Sir in interest of Law Students]
2 Alpha Minor Amendment Linking Charts (Set of 5 Charts) @Rs. 889 [useful for Both English & Hindi Medium] - FREE DELIVERY

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3 UP PCS (J) Paperathon Booklet (Diglot Edition) Rs. 279/-
4 RJS Paperathon Booklet (Diglot Edition) Rs.289/-
5 MP CJ Paperathon Booklet (Prelim & Mains Exam Both) Diglot Rs. 369/-
6 Chhattisgarh CJ Paperathon Booklet (Prelim & Mains Solved) (Diglot Edition) Rs 389/- (Delivery charges 40/- extra)
7 Judiciary Interview Linking Booklet

Coming Soon

8 AIBE Paperathon Booklet (English) Rs. 269/- with AIBE XVII in Diglot
9 JLO Paperathon Rs 329/- (Dly Chg Rs. 40 extra) (Diglot English & Hindi Both) [ Advance Booking ] 300 plus Pages

Description of Linking Publication Products :


1. 1. Major Laws Linking Charts (Set of 6 charts)

Features -

1. Major Laws Linking Charts is set of 6 major laws charts ( IPC , CrPC , Constitution , CPC and Evidence Law) with key words highlight , inter section and inter act linking , Linking Bird View of Each Major Law , Hindi Translation of key word , Marked important section of exam time revision , duly laminated, double side wall stick tapping . This set is useful for both English and Hindi Medium Students.

1.2 Alpha Minor Amendment Linking Charts (Set of 5 Charts)*
Features -

Such Linking charts is featured with highlighting key words (English & हिंदी), Inter linking of provisions , diagrammatic bird view , coverage of all sections etc

Alpha Linking Charts are Set of following FIVE type of Linking Charts :

—Two Alpha Linking Charts ( A to Z Alphabets with Hindi Meaning and Linking ) ,

—One is Central Minor Laws Linking chart( includes Indian Contract Law , Transfer Property Law , Specific Relief Act , Limitations law , Commercial Court Act ) (with Linking and key word Hindi word) It includes Bird View & diagrammatic Presentation of many parts of bare act .

—One Charts for Central Criminal Minor Laws which comprise PoCSo , Sexual Harassment Law , IT Act , NI Act ( Dishonour of cheques), Juvenile Justice law , Domestice Violence , Indecent Representation, SC ST Law , Probation Law (with Linking and key word Hindi word). It includes Bird View & diagrammatic Presentation of many parts of bare act .

—One Charts for all Amendments of All Major Laws in Tabular and systematic Arrangement.

1.3 *Delivery Instructions of Linking Charts *

i. Linking Charts will be delivered in a solid paper waterproof tube (36' x 24' size) without any folding so that finishing of charts will be maintained. Delivery will be through Reliable services of Indian Post Department (Charts will be delivered in approx. 2 weeks). ii. Any error or mistakes in Address regarding pin code , area name or mobile number will be responsibility of buyer. Further , wrongly placing any Major Laws instead of Alpha & Minor Linkings charts or vice versa will be replaced or returned at cost of buyer. iii. Delivery time is 10 workings days .


2.1 Exams Covered : RAJ JLO , AIBE Exam , Judiciary Exam of RAJASTHAN, UTTAR PRADESH , MADHYA PRADESH , CHHATTISGARH , BIHAR , UTTARKHAND & many other states) 2.2 Features : Paperathon Booklet is subject cum topic wise weightage analysis of all previous years questions along with linked provisions and Linking Explanation. Further, Efforts jave been made to cover video solution of each question via QR code .

Additional Featurs for such Paperathon Booklet is :

1. Diglot Edition (English and Hindi) Except AIBE Paperathon
2. Cover almost all Recruitments conducted in Last 10 years exam paper of state judiciary or law exams.
3. Subject wise presentation with weightage analysis table
4. Video Solution QR code for major parts
5. Minimum affordable cost so that every candidate can take benefit of it.
6. Cover Latest Exam paper as well.

2.3 Delivery Instructions as to Paperathon booklet :

—Booklet will be delivered within 10 workings days via India Post Office Service . —In case of Advance Booking option for any booklet , delivery time will be 3 weeks .

Disclaimer :-

1. All Linking Publications are under sole copyright of Tansukh Paliwal (Linking Sir) . Any copying , printing , uploading , sharing or similar act prejudicially affect interest of publisher will entitled publisher to take legal action as required .

2. Though all efforts have been made to avoid any error in linking publications, though it is hereby disclaimed that publisher undertake no liability towards any application of such publication material

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