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About Us

About Us

Linking Laws is a methodology that has helped thousands of students over the years to crack the various state judicial services exam. Linking Laws is just not an institute, rather a revolutionized method of teaching law subjects in the easiest manner ever.

This linking technique is exclusively developed by Advocate Tansukh Paliwal which includes Inter-bare Act, Inter-Section & Inter-chapter linking.The comprehensive study approach is bilingual which contains real time event linking, meditation of sections, diagrammatic notes technique, newspaper cutting method, previous year exam paper bird view, mock test provided with explanatory answers.

At Linking Laws, our goal is to exceed your expectations—of your score, the quality of our service and to make you through the Judicial services exam.

Having realized the increasing competition for these exams, course structure and contents have been designed in a way to make learners comfortable with ‘speed and accuracy’ to attain the goal of getting through Judiciary Exams. The most unique feature, of this entire program, is easy and innovative learning ideas which are an outcome of extensive research of Linking Laws team.


Why Linking Laws Online Course ?

Linking laws offers the the most comprehensive online course for State judicial services exam. Learn anytime, anywhere and at your pace. The entire course has been designed keeping in mind the expectation of all the learners coming from all walks of life.

The course is taught in Hindi and English to facilitate easy comprehension.  It includes detailed videos for all concepts, quizzes, tests and solution to past year State judicial services exam papers.

Linking Laws also covers a lot of short-cut techniques, test series, paper attempting strategy, and time management skills, which is essential for your success at the final stage. 




Linking Laws Educators

Tansukh Paliwal (Major laws)
Founder of Linking Laws CA, LLM
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