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Why Choose Linking Laws

Why Choose Linking Laws

Linking Laws aims to provide specialized training and techniques to students to help them crack Judiciary and other law entrance exams.

It focuses immensely on concept clarity through a student centric approach so that each and every student can develop a holistic all-round command in the law field and hit the exam hard.

Linking Laws came up with a revolutionary method of studying law and broke all the redundant traditions set up throughout India. The Linking technique which includes Inter-Bar Act Linking, Inter-Chapter Linking, and Inter-Section Linking method have been widely accepted by students as it helps them in understanding and grasping the provisions under various statutes in an interesting manner. It gives a wholesome subject-wise in depth understanding of law subjects with a linking approach which is essential to excel at various State Judicial Services Examination.


The exhaustive knowledge delivered by various expert teachers and their colossal efforts have helped in achievement of numerous final results in Judicial Service Examination within a short span of time.

The dedicated experts on this platform along with the team aims towards making law subjects congenial for students. We are commits in evolving as many ways as possible to suit the needs and aspirations of our students.



The vision of Linking Laws is to create the best universal mechanism for the disseminating of legal education in India.

Our objective is to provide best quality of education and training to our beloved students so that the aspirants from all walks of life can meet the requirement of modern era competitive exams standard in the easiest manner ever.

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